Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the haunting questions.

Now that the WordPress Dictionary Plugin has been out in the world for a while, there are some questions that I get all the time. Refer to this page to see what questions you have that are already answered here!

Q: Will I be able to search engine optimize my dictionary?

Yes. The WordPress Dictionary Plugin is designed to work like any other page on your site. Since the plugin is using native WordPress functionality, almost any SEO plugin will work as it does for every other page.

Q: Is there a search engine for the dictionary?

Yes. The built in WordPress search feature will include dictionary posts in the results.

Q: Can I add a dedicated menu for the dictionary on my site?

Yes. How easy it will be, however, is entirely related to your WordPress theme.

You’ll need to a theme that supports the following:

  • A WordPress 3.0 Menu area that you can dedicate to your dictionary – this usually means you’ll need at least TWO menu areas.
  • A sidebar or widget area that you can dedicate to your dictionary. If your sidebars change from page to page, then you’ll need to add a widget with the menu on each of those sidebars.

OR… you need to have some development skills, and be able to manually add the menu into your theme by hand.

I am currently unavailable for hire but I use WordPress standards for my code, so any WordPress developer worth their salt should be able to assist you with customizations.

Q: Is there a Dictionary widget?

Yes. There is currently a Recent Entries widget. You can control the title of the widget, and how many recent entries are shown.

You can also use any of the provided shortcodes within a Text widget to include things such as Random Entries, Dictionary Menus, or a specific Entry.

Q: Can I modify the “Origin” or “Related Entries” title?

Yes. You can modify both the Origin and Related Entries titles using the options in the Settings > Reading area of your WordPress admin. This will also update it throughout the Admin so that you don’t get confused as you use it in your own way.

Q: Can I move around the order of the Dictionary Types, Origins and Related Entries?

Yes. There is a drag-and-drop interface where you can reorder everything about the Entry (other than the Title).

Q: Can I make a “submit your own” area for users to create entries, like in the Pugtionary example?

Yes and no. The example you see at the Pugtionary website is simply a contact form that shoots an email to the administrator. The administrator then needs to manually add the entry to the dictionary.

You are welcome to use a free 3rd party plugin like Contact Form 7 (my personal favorite) and set something like that up – but it does not come as a feature with this plugin.

Q: I speak a different language. Why don’t you provide my translation?

I only speak English. If you would like to work with me on translating the plugin for your needs, please get in touch with me and I can add your translation to the plugin.


You can email me at with any further questions, however, this plugin is sold as-is without support and I cannot guarantee my current availability.